By - Akif Aliyev, 1st Year IRO

''I had the privilege to be one of the 22 students to attend the IAPSS World Congress, the largest annual event for students of Political Science around the world. This years conference in Paris focused on Diversity and Globalization, a phenomena that is increasingly becoming an inevitable part of global life. We contested the benefits and challenges brought to us by an increasingly globalized and interdependent world and discussed how we must approach these changes. As observers, we were given the chance to participate in lively discussions regarding the research and work-in-progress of a panel of high profile scholars and experts, an overall very eye opening experience for anyone pursuing a Political Science degree.  

Not only did the conference give us the possibility to expand our scope of knowledge and perspectives through dialogue with other students and academics of the field, but it was also an important step for our futures, giving us a chance to practice our networking skills and learn more about the format of academic conferences and research projects. These will all serve as important skills throughout the course of our studies and beyond.  

This trip also gave us - as Leiden University students - the opportunity to bond amongst ourselves, allowing us to find out about the differences and similarities we share between our studies. It is safe to say we enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful city of Paris, where we created memories and acquired valuable experience that we will cherish throughout our academic and social lives.''




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