This year the SPIL weekend took place in Maastricht-Limburg ! After a tough bike ride up a hill we arrived at the Inn and had a lovely evening. Some of us sat around the bonfire drinking beers and grilling marshmallows. While others played board games and twister, filling the house with laughters. 
On Saturday we’re off to Maastricht, what a thrill to speed down the hill we  had to climb the evening before ! We start the day with a Mole game. Four teams are sent off around the city to play games ! After a bit of free time in the afternoon we all meet again for diner at Pizza Napoli. We explore the night life in Maastricht with a pub crawl and some dancing at the local clubs.
Sunday morning was a tough wake up call as we rise slowly, still recovering from last night’s partying. Mini games are organized on the lawn : potato sack race and musical chairs. The final game, Levende Stratego, takes place in the woods as the USA, China and Russia all try to prove their superior combatting skills ! The way home is long changing trains and buses several times before we reach Leiden and The Hague, we are tired but happy to the core. What a beautiful weekend...



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