The Congress Committee will organise a trip for our members to visit a political science congress abroad. Usually, we visit the IAPSS (International Association for Political Science Students) Congress, since the SPIL is a founding member. In the past two years the congress took place in Madrid and Paris and we are hoping to go again next year. As a committee member your help organise the trip and take care of logitsics, a cultural program and more! In case the congress is canceled or is in the same week as our exams (which happened last year), the committee will look for alternatives. 

Frits Weyne

Committee members:
President: Lieke van der Veen
Secretary: Floor Oude Wesselink
Treasurer: Timo Salminen
General Member: Sanne Scheltinga, Melis Kirtilli

Contact information:
Frits Weyne
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