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Study association for political science in Leiden

The SPIL is the study association for students Political Science and Political Science - International Relations and Organizations and International Relations and Organizations (The Hague) at Leiden University. With over a thousand members, the SPIL is now one of the largest study associations in Leiden and The Hague. The association has been organizing both social events and political activities for its members since its foundation in 1981. In addition to this, the SPIL forms a platform for students to enhance their professional skills through participation in committees or boards, and to gain experience in areas outside of academia. As a member of the SPIL, you are entitled to receive this plethora of benefits and experiences. As well as this, you will receive a fixed discount on your study books - all of this for a contribution of only 16 euros per year.

Additionally, the SPIL is affiliated with other Political Science study-associations around the Netherlands and associations on an international basis.


Firstly, the SPIL is part of the association of Dutch political associations, the Platform voor Politicologen (PvP). It is comprised of the SPIL chairperson, the chairperson of the Machiavelli (UvA), EOS (VU) and the chairperson for ismus (RU Nijmegen). Together, this group acts as the board for the association. Every year the PvP establishes a committee which is responsible for organising a national political conference, the Politicoloog in Perspectief (PiP). The PvP was established in 2013 and continues to organize and coordinate an increasing number of activities for students of Political Science at a national level.

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Secondly, the SPIL is one of the associations responsible for founding an international organisation for Political Science students, the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS). Since its founding in 1998, IAPSS has grown to be become an organization that connects thousands of Political Science students from all over the world. This connection enables large-scale collaboration and exchange of ideas, which would be infeasible otherwise. The SPIL, as IAPSS' largest member association, allows a group of its members to represent the SPIL every six months at the IAPSS biennial general assembly. Furthermore, all SPIL members are entitled to join IAPSS as an individual member, free of charge. As an individual member, you have access to all international academic congresses, study trips and summer schools that IAPSS organises. Are you curious about this international network of Political Science students? Then check out one of the two annual congresses.

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Leiden and The Hague
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Wednesday 10:00-17:00
Thursday 13:00-17:00
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