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Fennand van Dijk studied Political Science and (political and sociological) philosophy in Leiden, Amsterdam and Austin (USA). He was also active in student politics in both the faculty and University council. He started his career in 2006 as an employee in the 'think-tank' for the CDA, the so-called 'Wetenschappelijk Instituut. He also worked for the same party in the Tweede Kamer. He regularly gave support and political advice to MPs on a variety of economic subjects. Since 2010, he now works as a senior public affairs consultant at the bureau Public Matters in Den Haag. As a full-service public affairs and lobby advisor, he works in the specialist area of strategic policy influencing. This covers areas such as advising, monitoring and organisation advice.And in quite diverse sectors: ICT & telecommunications, financial services, retail, the housing market and mergers. Sectors which lie on the boundary between government and private business. Public Matters gives strategic advice and support in areas surrounding communication, location and timing of the lobby message to clients in Den Haag and Brussels. Interested in the dynamic world of public affairs? E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Peter Bootsmapeter 298x234

My name is Peter Bootsma. In 1996 I graduated in the direction of Dutch politics. I entered the local municipality council in 2002 for the D66. In Leiden this is a hobby where you find a lot of political scientists. I believe that Rudy Andeweg once said that the council hall was an outpost for Political Science. Next I've mostly led the life of a writer. From my first book, ‘De verbeelding aan de macht’ (with Willem Breedveld) in 1999 I kept writing. The books which I've written have focussed on the history of Dutch politics. These days I'm working on my thesis regarding the differences between the forming of coalitions in the Dutch and German context, where the well-known SPIL honorary member prof.dr. J.Th.J. van den Berg my promoter is: I still know him from my days at Political Science! I'm writing my thesis at the faculty of Law because people aren't that interested in people who studied Political Science. I have been able to use my knowledge acquired from Political Science to combine the worlds of history and law. The most difficult part of my career was starting something. Planning my career didn't really work, for me I just started writing because I enjoyed to. Following your heart is the biggest advice I can give you!

Marco Wiesehahn-Vrijman Marco wit1 vierkant

My name is Marco Wiesehahn-Vrijman and in 2003 I graduated on political theories by Dr. Ricardo Blaug. After I graduated I had several managerial positions in the theatre world. In 2005 I switched to the Royal Food Industry Netherlands where I worked as a judicial advisor to the KHN bureau of fair competition. KHN made it possible to combine all the information I learned during my study with my job experience into one job. I really enjoyed protecting the interests of businesses. I wanted to do more with this and so in 2008 I switched to evofenedex the logistical support of 20.000 companies in the Netherlands. Slowly I grew from the roll of regional lobbyist to the roll of coordinator of Public affairs. In that roll I represent the interests of evofenedex and her members in the Tweede kamer. Now I'm Public Affairs Manager at evofenedex.


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